IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 GOLD Best Paper Award 
Co-sponsored by IEEE Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) and IEEE ComSoc


IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 features GOLD Best Paper Award to award young first authors who are also IEEE GOLD members with superior quality paper submission to this conference. The award includes a framed certificate. The first authors of the GOLD Best Paper Award will be recognized in the conference.

The first author of an accepted GC’10 paper is an IEEE GOLD member and IEEE ComSoc member (including student member). The paper received an average EDAS score of 3.5 or higher.

Self nomination or nomination by peers. Any first author that meets the award eligibility can be nominated.

An independent GOLD Best Paper Award Committee has been formed to review all the nominated papers and vote to determine the best 4 papers as the winners of the GOLD Best Paper Award. The voting process was in anonymous and the whole process was monitored by TPC Chair and Co-Chair (non-voting).

ههه Chair (non-voting):
هههههههههههههههه Dr. Jingxian Wu, University of Arkansas, USA
هههه Voting Members (in alphabetic order):
ههههههههههههههه Dr. Jalel Benothman, University Versailles, France
ههههههههههههههه Dr. Hossam Hassanein, Queens University, Canada
ههههههههههههههه Dr. Robert Ulman, Army Research Office, USA
ههههههههههههههه Dr. Linda (Jiang) Xie, University of North Carolina, USA
ههههههههههههههه Dr. Qian Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
GOLD BEST PAPER AWARD WINNERS (in alphabetic order)

Pin-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Paper: Information Epidemics in Complex Networks with Opportunistic Links and Dynamic Topology
Co-author: Kwang-Cheng Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Andrew Puryear (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Paper: Optical Communication over Atmospheric Turbulence with Limited Channel State Information at the Transmitter
Co-author: Vincent W.S. Chan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Alberto Rabbachin (Joint Research Center, European Commission, Italy)
Paper: Statistical Modeling of Cognitive Network Interference
Co-authors: Tony Q.S. Quek (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore); Moe Z. Win (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

David A. Schmidt (Technische Universit࣯t Mয়nchen, Germany)
Paper: Large System Performance of Interference Alignment in Single-Beam MIMO Networks
Co-authors: Wolfgang Utschick (Technische Universit࣯t Mয়nchen, Germany); Michael L. Honig (Northwestern University, USA)